Kennon Campers

When I was new the the camper van world I had so many questions about what was of offer, or even possible. So I thought I'd create a web site to show the campers I own or have passed on as examples. They are generally the most sought after niche models and beautifully finished to a high spec while all being individual. Feel free to get in touch if you need help finding your next (or first!) camper van. I'd like to create a community of camper people who share ideas on the vans themselves and great tips of camping spots and general camper life.


4 ways to your perfect camper

Ready to go camping

If you see a camper here you like, I may sell it!
They're all perfect condition with servicing up to date and everything done, just go camping...

Ready to be spec’d

Perhaps you've seen one of these as inspiration
I often have a van or two ready to be spec'd to create a new camper

Find a van

I find the best vans from across the country to style
What would you like?

Perfect your van

You love the van or camper you already own…
Make it even more lovable!
Styling, updates, re-fits...

Say hello

If you're new to the camper world, and have questions about finding one, speak to me